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Web Specialist with over 20 years of experience + a few side hustles.

Variety is the spice of my life.

My Story

Early on in my life I enjoyed computers and the Internet. I still remember the first time my dad introduced me to the World Wide Web (probably dating myself with that statement).

I began working in the website development world in 2000, after a short stint as a Technical Support Representative. This background of computers prepared me for the technical aspect of my website work.

Instead of limiting myself to the tech world, I’ve picked up a few side jobs to allow me to add a creative or just fun side to my job strengths. In 2001, I learned the ancient art of quilling, a fascination which grew over the years and inspired an Etsy store for jewelry creations. Late 2009, I signed up to be an Independent Scentsy consultant, this is definitely a fun piece of my life.

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